Lampshade Mica

Natural mica flakes bonded with shellac or epoxy is a wonderfully unique material to use for decorative panels in lampshades, wall sconces cabinets and also candle shields. We offer sheets 18" x 36" to 36" x 36" and cut to size.

Lampshade Mica

Natural Muscovite Mica is a mined product. Since it is a natural material, the color will vary slightly but primarily within a range of intensities of light ruby or green. We offer raw or "block" mica to a wide variety of markets.

Decorative Mica Plate

sample kit Our Sample Kit is designed to introduce you to built-up mica plate for decorative purposes.

We have assembled this package of 6” x 6” samples to illustrate the texture, colors and effects of different micas and resin combinations in thicknesses of .015" and .030".

Lampshade Sheets

In recent years our mica splittings have gained popularity as a lampshade material. The quality of our lampshade mica is unmatched in the industry.

Muscovite, also known as white or Indian mica, is the most common mica mineral. Muscovite mica derives its name from the use of "Muscovy" Glass.

Muscovite Mica

Muscovite Mica is basic potassium aluminum silicate. The world's chief deposites are found in India at Bihar and in the Nellore distrct of Madras.